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  • <span>Best Caterers, Catering Near Ahmedabad</span>
    Best Caterers, Catering Near Ahmedabad
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  • <span>+91 94 27 802040, 79 90 352950 </span>
    +91 94 27 802040, 79 90 352950
Fresh, Seasonal and Delicious food at your Workplace

Canteen Contract for Catering

We also provide Canteen contracts to dining and refreshment services needs from factories to schools and office to healthcare facilities, Ariana is always there with just the right food or drinks to keep you on the move.

Ariana Food Solution are hand picked for their unique qualities and experience. The feeling of professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity shines through from the office to the kitchen to the front of the house event team, ensuring every event is executed with careful attention to detail to meet and exceed our clients bespoke visions and expectations.

Ariana Food Solution serves tea/coffee/cold drinks, snacks, high tea, lunch/dinner etc. 7 days a week to staff with special arrangements for various official meetings, programs, seminars and functions as organized by company from time to time. In addition, people visiting campus in connection with various activities of the company can also avail these services.

Ariana have been creating stylish, scrumptious and sustainable food since 2007. Our Cooks have great base for making amazing food for events in Ahmadabad & all near by areas

We Understand

Value of Food, Money and Time

We provide a number of quality catering services which incorporate style, nutrition, variety and excellent value for money. Whatever your business, we have the solution to meet your office catering needs.

More and more companies are seeking the benefits of our expertise to provide them with a tailored catering service that also brings a new dimension to the notion of canteen food -transforming a routine meal break into a keenly anticipated occasion in a welcoming and relaxing communal environment.

For people perform better in a pleasant working environment. Ariana, manages and delivers solutions for clients to improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to be more efficient.

Every day a freshly prepared hot meal

For You to Perform Well

A well balanced diet can support worker, pupils, or employee to learning and working. So that you know that your children are well cared for, we have developed with Ariana a “canteen concept” that offers a varied meal daily.

When preparing the food, great value is placed on freshness, quality, selection, hygiene, nutritionist physiology and optimising nutrition value. The Ariana offer modern food that is both fresh and delicious.

With the expertise of our teams to draw from, we can work in varied business sectors and supplying a wide range of food, covering every facet of food excellence on whatever scale is required.

From corporate catering in staff restaurants to fine dining at world-class sporting events, we operate on many levels. You can be confident that we will devise a food service that satisfies your needs and appeals to your appetite.

A lunch break is like a mini holiday for the mind in the middle of a stressful working day. Our specially developed  menu  range ensures that there are varied, light dishes on offer every day. The menu range is based on a complete nutritional concept that is specifically tailored to the needs of workers.

A great food experience

We aim to give your customers and your employees the kind of food experience that encourages repeat custom and secures all the benefits of a nutritious and balanced diet.

Catering quality and quantity

Our commercial solutions do not compromise on quality – so you have the quality and creativity of food you want at a price your organisation can afford.

We Provide Canteen Contract Services to all Industries

  • Industrial Catering Services
  • Corporate Catering Services
  • Institutional Catering Services
  • Hospital or Clinics Catering Services
  • Banking Catering Services
  • School and Collages Cetering Services

Suitable Catering for every company

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Eat Good, Feel Good

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